For Safety Vests:


Safety Vests

Safety is of utmost important when walking your companion.

"This white nylon ripstop fabric has a silver glass bead reflective surface applied to one side that will reflect even small amounts of light. With truly amazing reflective properties it  is a must if being seen at night is important." The vests are lined with soft cotton flannel, and are adjustable at the bottom of rib cage.

The fabric looks GREY in the sunlight, but when headlights or flashlights shine on it, it lights up incredibly brightly. I have tested this out on my own Hounds with my Husband walking them in the dark on the mountain roads where we currently live. Of course, I knew where he was because we had agreed on a place, due to the remoteness of the mountain. But, I could see them before the designated spot. As the headlights lit up the road, they were highly visible. My Husband wasn't (!) but the Hounds and the Boston Terrier certainly were. The safety vests are machine washable on a 'gentle' cycle. Lay flat to dry. NO DRYER!

Vest is $26.00