The  PULLOVERS below  are modeled by Dyson Bata. He needs more room in his Pullover for the 'plumbing aisle.' Also, his Pullover has an optional snood.The girls' PULLOVER is longer in the belly area making her belly completely covered.

If you do not find a cotton knit or fleece that you like, you have the option of buying your own fabric and having it shipped to me. If you are looking for cotton knits, or are GREYT sources. For fleece, check out,, They have sales all the time.

In the SHOPPING, choose My Own Fabric in the drop-down menu, and you will automatically receive an allowance for your fabric. The PULLOVERS take 1.5 yard of 54-60" knits/fleece.

An optional 'warming device' for your Hound. The PULLOVER covers the shoulders, neck, chest, and front legs. You can have a choice of a full fleece turtleneck (approx 8") or a flleece Mock Turtleneck (4".) A snood with 1.5" ribbing at the neck is also available. This works well for a Hound who does not like his/her rear end covered, as in the UNITARD (4-legged K-9 Longjohn.) All the fleece, and cotton knit patterns are available for the Pullover, or you can have one made with your favorite Military Service, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, or school.

The price is $31.00

Jasper, 'AMERICA'S DOG' 



                    Available FLEECE choices below.

MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, Armed Forces, college and other 'licensed fleeces' are also available. Many can be found at, or These can be sent directly to me from the store. You will choose 'MY OWN FABRIC' in the drop-down menu in the shopping cart and receive a $7.00 allowance on your fabric purchase. A Pullover requires 1.5 yds of fleece.


Willie (Steelers) and Dixie



The "MIMI PULLOVER"  created by request for Mimi Petit. Pullovers are flannel (body and sleeves) and cotton/spandex knit (neck, cuffs, underbody.) Measuring instructions are shown below. For the MIMI you'll need the "A" , "B", "G", and "I". The MIMI comes with a turtleneck.

You can find more information about the 'Mimi' by going to the MIMI Pullover page.

Above are the measurement requirements. For the PULLOVER you will need A,B,D, H. If you want a snood, please add: I.
If your Hound is a BOY, please add: J. For a GIRL, please add K.

The fabrics for the Pullovers can be viewed on the UNITARDS (4-legged K-9 longjohns)page.