Complete your 'C,' SHOULDER measurement right behind the arm, where the arm meets the body. So, you'll be holding the beginning of the tape ON the chest bone, and ending right behind the arm!

This is needed only for the 'T-STRAP' closure.

For the 'C,' or the SHOULDER measurement, there are 2 pictures. In this photo, you see where to START your shoulder measurement: AT the prominent bone in the chest. Gracey has a white spot, which makes it easy to find! From that bone, wrap the tape AROUND the shoulder at the WIDEST part, then:

The BELLY measurement is only needed for the boys' 'BELLY BAND.' 
You'll need to place the beginning of the tape on the dog's spine, wrap the tape around and OVER the 'plumbing.'
​There is adjustment room in the Velcro closure.

Now, give your Hound a big hug!

This is the 'B,' or the CHEST CIRCUMFRENCE.

Place the beginning of the tape at the top of your dog's spine, over the deepest part of the chest, and wrap the tape around at this point. ALL coats need this measurement.

This is the 'A,' or the BACK measurement.

Your Hound's shoulder blades make 2 little 'bumps.' Place the beginning of the tape just ABOVE (towards the neck, about 1") these bumps. From there, lay the tape along the spine to the BASE of the tail (where it 'starts'.) In the picture I'm holding Gracey's tail away from her body to give a better idea of where to place the tape. All coats need this measurement.

Getting the proper measurements is critical. This is what makes your NO NUDE HOUNDS coat 'CUSTOM.'

Make sure your Hound is standing. Any other position will not give the proper measurement. Please use a cloth measuring tape.
​If you get a measurement that has a 'half inch' in it, please 'round-up' to the next inch.

The following photos show where to place the tape measure for each required measurement: