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NOW with ZORBTM  A specialty fabric designed to improve performance of reusable diapers (or Belly Bands and Bitch's Britches) ZORB traps moisture and absorbs 10x its weight in moisture in half a second..that's 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp knits. ZORB is now used in all of our BELLY BANDS and BITCH'S BRITCHES! With NO price hike. The ZORB is used in between the outer cotton and the water repellent liner. It does
not replace a layer of fabric, it's an ADDED layer. You could still use the stick on pads, but with the ZORB, there shouldn't be a need.

Ever feel like your Grey boy is a 4-legged bladder? Should his name be "MARK?"
​Here is the solution:


Our BELLY BANDs are made of 2 strips of  soft cotton. They are approximately 7" wide and the length you request.

They are lined with 100% cotton flannel, and we are now using ZORB, the same liner that is used in diapers. ZORB can hold up to 20X more water
than other absorbent fabrics. Finally there is a layer of very lightweight waterproof nylon 'just to be sure!' The BELLY BAND closes up on the back with 2 sturdy strips of VELCRO. There is also a bit of adjustment in each BELLY BAND in case your boy gains a pound or two! The BELLY BAND is made using a 4-thread serger for strength, as well as preventing any frayed threads. The BELLY BAND covers the 'plumbing' to keep your boy honest, and you happy!

The fabrics available let your boy show off his personality and not be embarrassed about wearing a BELLY BAND.

The 'Bitch's Britches' were created especially for this lovely senior, 'N's RAGIN' PAIGE,' now known as 'PAIGE HEATER.' Thanks, Paige for the Greyt modeling job.

George Scheide in his 'Fire Hydrant' Belly Band.

This little 'French Butt,' wrapped in her 'Bitch's Britches' belongs to my 'Greyt Niece,' Stella O'Brien, a rescued French Bulldog.

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           'BITCH'S BRITCHES.'
ZORB is now used in 'BITCH'S  BRITCHES,' too!
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Belly Bands & Britches

Some of our Greyhound ladies can have problems with bladder control just like the guys. When this is a concern, 'Bitch's Britches'* are the answer. They are made of 100% cotton, lined with cotton flannel for softness and comfort. Between the inner and outer layer is a generous piece of the new fabric, 'ZORB.' (A woman's incontinence or sanitary pad with an adhesive strip can still be added, but wouldn't be necessary since ZORB wicks away the moisture. The Britches have a generous opening for her tail and close up on her back with strong VELCRO strips. There is a good amount of adjustment to allow for weight gain or loss. The britches are $24.00.

*Bitch's Britches are NOT intended as a pregnancy prevention method. YOU must be responsible for your girl when (if) she is in heat.

Belly Bands and Bitch's Britches
require the "F" measurement