Prelude's furst pup, just born.

Prelude's 4 babies @ 2months, 1 day old. GORGEOUS!!


Ruthie, my assistant!

From far left: Mary (tortoiseshell), Ross (black & white), Renee (calico),
Noah (BIG black & white), Kyle (Siamese X)

Franklin and Renee, looking for squirrels.

Another one's out and feeding well.

Prelude on 11/11, 4 days before she whelped 4 big, healthy pups.

Kyra 'finds' Prelude in our fenced yard. That was a special moment..lots of tail-wagging and dog kisses!

Kyra, aka "Too Shy To Say," in her forever home, awaiting her best friend, Prelude's arrival.

Jim (I call him 'Mac') holding Jerry, the Boston Terrier, me, Hobbs, the big white and black boy, Gracey, our small but
​mighty black brindle girl, and Chandler, ​my 'heart dog,' our first Greyhound.

We also have 9 cats of varying sizes and shapes, but they chose to not participate in the family photo.

Prelude on the farm. She's a sweet girl, a GREYT Mom, and Kyra's best friend.
​UPDATE: Sadly, Prelude succombed to osteosarcoma in Nov, 2011

In Feb '06 Black Mountain, NC held its MARDI GROWL parade. The McMullen Zoo went dressed as the characters from
'PETER PAN.' Jerry, the Boston Terrier, was Tinkerbell, complete with blonde wig, Gracey, too embarassed to show
her face, was Wendy, Chandler was Pan (of course!), and Hobbs, the shy one, was Captain Hook. Hobbs took first place!!
​He was presented with a lovely large basket of goodies!

him. He came through the treatment like a champ. He was a wonderful patient, never complaining, just seeming very GREYTful for a second chance. It was a long month in the crate for him, but he gained about 8 pounds of much needed weight, and got a lot of rest. Finally, the Greys were able to meet him, after smelling him for a month. They all get along very well, even the cats liked him. He is especially fond of Gracey. She routinely cleans his ears and eyes, nitters on him and curls up with him to sleep. He's a GREYT little dog, and we're glad we stopped by that adoption event.

Prelude meets Jerry, and probably wonders,
​'what the Hell is THIS?'

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No Nude Hounds was started in 2001 as a way to generate donations to the many different Greyhound adoption groups. Finally I was able to link my love of dogs to my talent for sewing and come up with a success.

I had to take a few months 'off' when we migrated from Lake Orion, MI to Old Fort, NC after Mac retired from 30 years as a Teamster car hauler for Allied Automotive Group. After getting settled in our new home I resumed sewing for Greyhounds and have since added more items with more yet to come.

 No Nude Hounds donates either items I have made or Gift Certificates to any Greyhound Adoption group who makes a request for gatherings, reunions, picnics. The only thing we ask in return is a link to on the group's webpage. To learn more about becoming one of our groups, please email and type in 'DONATION' in the subject line.

​Our little family ( better known as the 'McMULLEN ZOO') currently consists of 5 Greyhounds: Chandler, from REGAP of MI (2000), Hobbs, from Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee (2005), Gracey, also from GRFT (2005), Prelude (aka 'JR's PRELUDE'), and Kyra (aka 'Too Shy To Say'), from Block Sporhounds (2008, 2009), and Jerry, a Boston Terrier rescued in 2006. We have 9 cats, as well: Ross, Noah, Kyle, Mary, Renee, Ruthie , Franklin, Gregory & Arthur.  We have also lost 2 other Greyhounds since adopting our first Grey, Chandler, in 2000. Lizzy, a senior, who came to us on a GUR from Waco, TX via Greythounds of Eastern MI (GEM), and Ava (aka 'N's One Of A Kind,' or ' BABE'), also a senior, who also came from GEM. Unfortunately, we lost both girls to cancer. Greyhounds will always be a huge part of our lives.

In September, 2008 we were invited to visit Block Sporthounds, the state-of-the-art Greyhound breeding farm, home to 'All-American,' OZZIE THE MAN! Upon our visit we requested to adopt a senior brood, PRELUDE, who was due to whelp on Nov 11. We were promised her adoption after her babies were old enough to be on their own. We visited the farm again on Nov 11, the anticipated whelping day, but Prelude was not ready. So we made ourselves to home, visiting all the Hounds on the premises. We were invited to 'foster' KYRA, aka 'Too Shy To Say,' while we were 'waiting' for Prelude's arrival. Kyra and Prelude were kennel mates for a long time, separated only if one or the other were raising a family. Kyra came home with us THAT day. Prelude's babies arrived on Nov 15, and she came home with us in mid January. Both girls have fit in like missing pieces of a puzzle. Their 'reunion' in our fenced yard was heartwarming. They recognized each other and have been inseparable ever since.


​Whole lot of sniffin' goin' on. Hobbs, Kyra, Prelude, and Chandler. Jan 19, 2009.Type your paragraph here.

Jerry came to us on New Year's Eve day, 2005. He'd been found along a back road by a mail carrier.She turned him to the county pound. Fortunately, 2 women who work real hard to find homes for the MANY unwanted pets around here picked him up for the 'Adoption' event that day. They had just set up when we came along. I was surprised (and VERY pleased to see that there is an interest in adoption here) and so we stopped to check out their operation. There was this little guy who was obviously under weight and had not been well cared for. After begging, pleading and making HUGE promises, Mac agreed to FOSTER (HAHAHA) the Boston. We signed some papers, collected him from the ladies and headed STRAIGHT for our vet, not knowing what he may be harbouring or what 'livestock' he may be bringing along with him. They agreed to keep him and neuter him first thing on Monday. At promptly 8AM that Monday the vet called me with the news that Jerry (we named him after a friend of ours who is a retired Baltimore cop who was on the SWAT team) had heart worms! We figured that he was a fighter, and deserved a chance at the best life possible. We felt that after investing quite a sizable amount of $$$in Jerry, we would probably adopt

Prelude and Chandler.

 When we still lived in Lake Orion, MI we had a pontoon boat. Chandler enjoyed
         his boat rides. He didn't even object to the ever-present life jacket.

Prelude 'meets' the yard.


Finally, on May 8, 2016, after 4 years and 10 months of trying to sell the NC house and move back to Lake Orion, MI, we were successful! The right people came by, liked it and bought it. The 2nd best day of my life...first being the day Mac and I got married!! But I digress.

Many things have changed, some very sad things have happened, like the loss of 6 of our beloved Greys over the period of time in NC. We also lost several of our cats and our Boston Terrier, Jerry. But good things have happened, too. In the time we were there, Mac and I, with the help of some friends managed to save about 35 dogs who had been dumped on the mountain, some in whole litters including Mom dog. We found good homes for them all after having them spayed and neutered an inoculated. One, a 12 wk old full blooded Yellow Lab puppy whom we adopted, had neutered and raised, naming him Matthew. Things were fine until he grew to about 90 lbs and Stuart, the Boston no longer thought his being body slammed by a 1 year old Matthew was acceptable. It was a heart rending decision, but after contacting a friend who runs the NC State Police K-9 Unit, and who had helped before placing another dog, Matthew was picked up in an official NC State Police K-9 unit truck, complete with 2 Schutzhund trained Police dogs and a very handsome Lieutenant who whisked Matthew away to his new life as a 'contraband dog' at the State prison in Fayetteville, NC. He will work until he is 7 years old (2 more years) then he'll retire to his home where he has lived since he left us, with his Dad, the head of the K-9 unit. Our boy is in service to his state and we couldn't be more proud.

All of the animal companions we move to NC with have departed for the bridge with the exception, of our calico cat, Renee. We have added 2 other cats, Arthur, a buff Tabby, and a red & white boy, Franklin, who now tips the scales @ 20 lbs! Both cats were abandoned and adopted us.

Our only Greyhound, at this time is Ethyl, a gorgeous black brindle girl adopted from Greyhound Crossroads, SC, and races as 'Eco Boost.' Her foster name was 'Echo,' but we only use human names, and Ethyl sounded more like Echo! 

We have another ​member of the McMullen Zoo who constantly adds interest to our loves. Stuart is a Boston Terrier, all 37 lbs of him! He was in desperate need of a loving family and we fit the bill. He's been with us since Feb 3, 2010. He thinks he's the boss, but, guess what, he isn't. Our two very strong, confident, long-legged dog-women run him in circles!

Finally, the latest addition to our family is a Standard Poodle, June.  June was a frequent visitor to our house in NC when her former owner would travel. June knew us and our babies well and loved her visits with us. She came to us on her 4th birthday, Oct 12, 2015. She has fit in well and is a beloved member of our family.  June is my 'white board,' and tolerates my artistic musings usually on holidays. 

June visited me in the hospital.

No Nude Hounds will be even better than before with a brand new updated website, more room and more organization physically. Our new work area is almost twice the size as before. We have an entire garage attached to our ranch house (no stairs!! There were 32 from our bedroom to the basement in NC!). It is drywalled, heated and insulated with already installed cabinets on the walls and tons of storage. It now just has to have my personal touch of paint and Greyhound 'stuff' and we'll be ready to go.