Cotton knit and cotton-blend knit fabrics:

Some of the fabrics don't 'photograph' well, and the colors may appear different than stated. If there is a question, please call the toll free number
​(1( 248) 783-7163) or email:

Below the knits are the FLEECE choices for the UNITARDS.

If you do NOT find a KNIT pattern that you like, there are two GREYT sites: and Check out their COTTON SPANDEX, or COTTON RIB KNIT. These make the BEST KNIT UNITARDS. For each unitard, you'll need 1.5 yards of fabric. You can purchase the knits directly from Fabric Fairy, and Girl Charlee and have them ship it to me. This will expedite your order and save you having to re-ship it to me.
I find this to be a very effective way to pick out exactly what you want. Unitards, when not on sale, are $40.00. You will receive an 'allowance' of
$7.00 for the fabric you have sent to me. So, a unitard will be $33.00

There is an 'option' in the shopping cart for choosing your own fabric. You'll still have to place the order, then choose the 'MY OWN FABRIC'
​in the drop-down' for 'fabric choice.'

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KNIT UNITARDS are made of either cotton knit, or a cotton/blend knit. The UNITARD has 4 sleeves for leg warmth. The UNITARD is open in the back and the belly area, which makes heeding 'Nature's Call' much easier. There is ribbing around the neck, the entire chest, belly, back area, and the cuffs. Like the JAMMIES, the UNITARDS are GREYT for sleeping or just lounging around. The KNIT UNITARDS are best suited to 'Southern States-type' weather. I have added some LIGHTWEIGHT cotton knits that are mostly intended for the Hounds who don't notice the cold quite as much, but still enough to be covered. These knits are lighter in weight than t-shirt knits, and are noted with 'LW'.

POLAR FLEECE UNITARDS are also available. They are more suited to the colder areas. Both knit and fleece Unitard come with a 'mock turtle neck,' made of the same fabric as the body, and measures approx 4" and is

For the 4-Legged K-9 Longjohns, "Unitards," please measure the following:

A, B, G, H,

For a SNOOD, add "I"


If you cannot find a fleece that you like, you can go to, They will send your fabric to me, saving you an extra shipping charge.

included in the price.

You can now add a SNOOD to your UNITARD for extra warmth. It will come with a reflective draw cord with spring loaded toggles to snug the snood up around your Hound's face. SNOOD with a 1.5" knit ribbing at the neck will be an extra $5.00. Also, a knit TURTLE NECK is available. The TURTLE NECK will be an extra $3.00, and measures approx 8" unfolded.

4 Leg Jammies..Unitards

UNITARDS, also known as '4-Legged Pajamas,' or 'K-9 Long-johns'

Millie wearing her Unitard with Snood.​
Flynn Yardley in a Polar Fleece Unitard with a mock turtle neck.​