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For  Reversible Jammies (housecoat) w/Adjustable ties:


For Reversible Jammies (housecoat) w/Velcro closure:


The Reversible Jammies are a 100% COTTON FLANNEL 'Housecoat.' Perfect for the Hound who does not notice the cold that much. GREYT for A/C in the Summer and energy-saving night temperatures in the Winter. They are finished on both sides making it completely reversible. It's like having 2 entirely different outfits! There is a generous piece of flannel that passes through the Hound's front leg, covers the chest, and ties up on the back.
At the base of the tail is a large 'dart' custom fitting them to the Greyhound's athletic physique. The Hound's shoulders, back, chest, hips and butt
​are covered.

$32.00 ea.


Now, due to popular demand, we will offer the option to have your Hound's Reversible Jammies close on the back with a
​VELCRO'ed band instead of the ties. This will be an option in the drop-down menu in the 'shopping cart.

Another NEW option: 8" Ribbed TURTLENECK on the Reversible Jammies. Picture to follow.

Also, if you do not see a flannel print(s) that you like, please visit You can pick out exactly what you want. Then you can
have it shipped directly to me to expedite your order and save the extra shipping $$you'd have to spend for YOU to ship it to me.

There is an option in the drop-down menu of the reversible jammies:
​MY OWN FABRIC, When you place your order, choose this option and you will receive and automatic $10.00 fabric allowance at check out.
Or you can call me and place your order (248) 783-7163.

Address for shipping is:
No Nude Hounds  272 Clairmont Drive  Lake Orion, MI 48362

Reversible Flannel Jammies